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Weather Research Station

Part 1 Project 2005
Kim Philip
Karen Young
University of Auckland Auckland | New Zealand
The Weather Research Station is part of a Natural Hazard Information Network proposed for New Zealand, a country subject to earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, droughts and tsunami. The Station monitors and transmits meteorological conditions.

Sited in shallow, ebbing mud flats adjacent to a motorway, the Weather Research Station synthesises global networks with meteorologists' sociological work patterns and the linear and cyclic events of the site.

Between the global and the personal, architectural spaces are formed and infused with variable manipulations of cycles, scale, and meter; the station coalesces in an internalised logic with a repetitive, external frame of reference.

Kim Philip
Karen Young

This polished design articulates the expansive field of global information with an architecture of serial units and multiple frames. The design also registers local geographies, shaping the multiple units in terms of traffic distances, sea views and fauna.

Swerving off the adjacent motorway, utilising its regulating patterns, the architecture sets up a delay in systematic flows of information. This controlled architecture of concretised time collects mutable weather, cyclically washed by tides and flows of traffic, even as it transmits globally. Striated with shadows the station registers passing time even as its own orders signal the threat of uncontrollable weather.


Mr José Esteves De Matos
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