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Allotment Facilities and Infrastructure - Liverpool

Part 1 Project 2005
Alastair Parvin
University of Sheffield | UK
This project, in liaison with a real-life client, takes a pragmatic, low-scale, low-tech approach to issues of regeneration, nutrition and food production which were presented in the brief. Those who visited the site became fiercely loyal to it, which led me to an exciting (but masochistic) starting point: Rather than collecting all new programs into a single, large ‘Building’ which would alienate the community it was intended to serve; I opted to strategically integrate them into the existing allotment fabric via a series of interventions. This spirit of minimum mass / maximum impact was revealingly difficult to communicate in a school environment.

Alastair Parvin

Set within a suburban hinterland the project explores how inclusive interventions can offer a positive future for an existing community. Early studies focussed on how a new perimeter edge condition could house a number of facilities that would allow residents to promote and cultivate produce. This was married to a highly inventive urban strategy that promoted the wasteland becoming economically viable. The sophistication of thought and architectural application are excellent. This is a fantastic body of work and deserves to be seen and enjoyed by a wider audience.

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