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The Ghosted Glowing Cliff

Part 2 Project 2005
Katharine McNamara
Nancy Jackson
University of Brighton | UK
When answering ‘In what ways might the architecture work with the land?’ I have identified the phenomenon of force as the Pay de Bray fault line runs from Dieppe to Forges les Eaux and its effects are constantly shifting and changing the surface of the earth creating new topologies. Other forces of erosion have also shaped and removed the land. The proposal is to create a ghosted cliff in the memory of where the cliff once was and behind this, trapped between the fractured cliff and the ghosted cliff is the idea of a compressed fault space.

The programme provides, Circus HQ, rehearsal and accommodation space, topological camping grounds, a tidal swimming/diving pool.

Katharine McNamara
Nancy Jackson

Katharine McNamara undertook her Thesis Project in the “Landings” studio that asks the question “In what ways might architecture work with the land?” Kate initially worked with a group of students to strategically enhance the cycle route that has been proposed to link Paris and London. Kate’s design at the ferry terminal in Dieppe works analogously with the active fault line that ruptured the cliffs at Dieppe and a ghosted cliff that registers the continuing erosion of these cliffs. Kate has employed mixed programs of use such that her architecture might reinforce and respond to the seasonal changes on this site whilst creating links to England and the historic centre of Dieppe. Kate’s design is both sensitive and daring in its exploration as to ways architecture might work with the land.


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