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Art Forum in Timisoara

Part 2 Project 2005
Anton Ionut
Thea Boorman
Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism | Romania
To achieve the end result of my diploma project I have adopted a process in design similar to the fuzzy logic.
Once determined the limits of the building, I’ve created three working systems for the three types of links of the building: the historic center, the new campus and the major crossroad in its surroundings. The project is a result of a negotiation between the three systems and the program. The three working systems overlap and interact with each other, generating space. This space makes the transition between another world, be it the art, entertainment, or science, and the city

Anton Ionut
Thea Boorman

- One of the most appreciated diploma projects by the international jury in the 2005 summer session.
- Subtle and modern insertion of a complex program into a historical site.
- The coherence of the diversity, facing different types of urban fabric.
- The revitalization of the urban area.


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