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Urban Flux, time, surface, detail.

Part 1 Project 2005
Colin Boylan
Fiona Grieve
University of Plymouth | UK
This project derives from an exploration of the dialogue and evolution between form and detail hierarchy coupled with perceptions of time realised within a patina of material and expressive detail.
Central to the concept is this expression of the small and enlarged scale detail/joint derived from metaphysical site and geometrical association to punctuate and evoke the importance of this complex nodal urban site.
The design investigates the use of sequence, space, texture and material to address movement, evolving patterns, the streetscape and the importance of light, touch and time at vital and varying scales of use and experiential interaction.

Colin Boylan
Fiona Grieve

This design operates as an urban statement commanding its corner position, as a contextual insertion employing both a distinct pallette of materials matched to its maritime location as well as a formal language derived from the scale of the street, as a series of interiors developing temporal and spatial themes and as a theoretical statement about an architecture that celebrates materiality and the joint.

The design was observed with consummate care through multiple drawings and models and it achieved a rare refinement and control. If everyday urban architecture is denied the grand gesture here is a building of grand colour and light.


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