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Landscape Interpretation Centre_ Haltwhistle Burn

Part 2 Project 2005
Dan Talkes
Laura Hurley
Newcastle University | UK
Developed from an analysis of the overlain patterns of the Haltwhistle Burn and embracing the precedent offered by the naturalisation of Hadrian’s Wall, the scheme displays a strong duality, its forms, at first abstract impositions upon the landscape, through a perceived metamorphosis, becoming narrative expressions of the processes of landscape creation and promoting, through subconscious engagement, a heightened sensitivity to landscape experience

The scheme is conceived as an interlude within a carefully choreographed ambulatory sequence, its punctuation by events both natural and manmade forming an explication of the essential reciprocities that exist within the interpretative patterns of the Haltwhistle Burn

Dan Talkes
Laura Hurley

The project addresses a multifaceted geo-physical and historic linear landscape within the Northumberland National Park: a series of finely tuned interventions aims to interpret and unlock these temporal patterns – ranging from geological time, through the celebrated Roman histories, to a more recent industrial past - and the potentialities of a present landscape of leisure and ecological awareness. Dan’s outcomes are exemplary in the richness of process whereby they were attained, and in their attention to cultural and tectonic contexts: from the placing of the many-scaled interpretative elements, symbols and signs in the land, down to the more intimate settings of artefacts of various sizes – an industrial engine wheel, the renowned palimpsests of the Vindolanda letters….


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