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Interactive Archaeological Museum

Part 1 Project 2005
Magdi Wasfi Wissa
Adam Moore
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport - Alexandria Campus Alexandria Egypt
The main concept of this project is integrating museuological facilities and entertainment activities implying an interactive display system .
The museum is located at the archeological waterfront of Alexandria.
The building design states an eco-tech approach(bioclimatic architecture), thus form and envelope have been designed in order to react with the local climatic conditions.
This solution is achieved through implying renewable energy techniques, such photovolataics, thermal mass storage and natural light pipes.
The building employs new contruction materials and techniques (titanium cladding sheets, lattice grid structure) towards ligible universal space.
The museum exhibits Ptolemaic and Roman ancient foundations .

Magdi Wasfi Wissa
Adam Moore

The project design successfully met the progrm theme and requirements. The jury members have agreed that the employed vocabularies and form were properly selected. The progress of the project's design process was obviously accomplished.

The final presentation of the project has showed the student's understanding and interpretation of course aim.


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