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Doncaster Mediaville

Part 1 Project 2005
Rob Skeet
Amy Wilkinson
Sheffield Hallam University, UK
I think of the built environment and the life it supports as an organism. Doncaster’s heart is weakened by years of neglect. Mediaville aims to address this by balancing the grey commercialism of the current town centre with a dynamic, breathing cultural hub. It references and compliments the masterplan. This vibrant space will invite the populous of this phoenix town to circulate, socialise, eat, drink, absorb culture or illuminate an otherwise drab journey through town.

This architectural exploration manifests in an urban space between public realm, personal space and environmental responsibility.

Complex, legible, urban, human.
Civc not Iconic.

Rob Skeet
Amy Wilkinson

This piece of work has been selected in recognition of its sophisticated investigation of the urban condition and experience, and its vibrant, optimistic and holistic environmental response.

A new street promotes an everyday interaction with lively, open-handed cultural activity. A collage of distinct yet complimentary architectural elements creates a syncopated and informal townscape. Daylight and sunlight are welcomed to animate and illuminate the whole. Ventilation is fresh and cooling. Materials are of low or indeed positive environmental impact. And a rich tectonic language acknowledges the timeless contribution of materiality and detail to the incidental dynamics of urbanism.


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