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City Dweller

Part 1 Project 2005
Craig Miell
Amar Sidhu
University of Strathclyde | UK
The building was imagined as a solid block filling the site in Virginia street, Glasgow. Elements were carved into or ectruded out of this block to allow light in and views out. When a cut into the block was made it was decided that this should end in some form of an event- in this case as a series of small courtyards. These courtyards create a series of journeys throughout the building- with the possibility of the user having to move from inside to outside via the courtyards to reach their homes. The courtyards create a series of shared spaces which increases interaction between neighbours and allows different social groups to mix and co-exist together.

Craig Miell
Amar Sidhu

The third year project brief was for dense urban housing, with a programme of mixed-use live/work accommodation of indeterminate user group on an existing vacant city centre site. As well as addressing issues of public and private space, and associated issues of façade, and volumetric organistion and appropriate massing, the brief demanded a believable density, in terms of viable commercial development, limited construction to steel frame structural systems, and that the proposal satisfy statutory legislation regarding means of escape from fire.
The proposal was deemed meritorious for the manner in which formally the proposal addressed the problem as set, introducing a hierarchial and gradational progression of spatial experiences from public domain to private dwelling, whilst also adding an ambition that each individual unit be unique, and have a variety of access to private and semi-private spaces of differing degrees of access and spatial quality. The proposal developed from a consideration of the opportunities and complexities that might be derived from the grouping of units, and the proposal impressed that the plan and section developed to maintain this complexity, to resolve the issues of live work, the associated relationship of public and private within the individual unit, and that the complexity of the scheme equally addressed the constraints of legislation as set in the initial project brief.


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