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Nike East

Part 2 Project 2005
Klaus Marek
Universität Stuttgart | Germany
Nike is both, Heaven and Hell. Comparable to Dantes Divina Comedia, in which one has to reach the deepest hell circle to find redemption, in Nike Town a randomly chosen somebody has to find the newest shoes long before they are going to be sold to everybody. In this case, to be in Nike Heaven means to be redeemed for only one season. Built on a site in Berlin that is charged with historical meaning, surrounded by architectual gestures and made for only one reason, Nike Town has the potential to become a myth.

Klaus Marek

Architects have to become smarter as their struggle for attention becomes more difficult, and as the time given for building lessens. We speculate that imagineering is one of the most important assets that future architects may have to offer. Our design projetcs start with logo design, strategic marketing and branding concepts, direct action and formation of economic images. But Klaus Mareks "Nike East" project - a Marketing-Danteum of the 21st century – is succesful not only in this respect. It also demonstrates how these considerations can generate sublime spaces.

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