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Future Energy 'Factory'

Part 2 Project 2005
Jennifer Dooner
Beth Mogey
Mackintosh School of Architecture | UK
The thesis proposal lies in the design of a Biomass Power Station on quayside of Aberdeen’s Harbour, at the heart of a post-industrial landscape.
This Power Station grows its energy source celebrating the process and physical beauty of this experimental power production.

The public experience this as an integral part of the Harbour, a permanent exhibition of renewable technology. By investigating Aberdeen’s future Energy Industry and change towards renewable energies, this project encourages participation and awareness of alternate types of electricity production whilst providing a systemmatic model for further development.

Jennifer Dooner
Beth Mogey

This project is extremely rigorously researched and creatively resolved. It is a realistic look at the dwindling oil industry in the North Sea and its natural substitution of renewable systems.

The site is a confluence of harbour, railway station and city centre and appropriately the new power station contrives to give new urban meaning to a previously haphazard industrial zone.

The solution skilfully interweaves process and exposition by allowing the public to access the lower levels to marvel at the cathedral like Bio Mass towers and engage in close proximity to the process of creating clean electricity.


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