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Exposure and Envelopment [space in non-space]

Part 1 Project 2006
Daniel Pedley
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
Modern cities are punctuated by underused spaces designated merely as points of transition. These spaces, voids and access routes provide the setting for hundreds of daily rituals.

Digital media has been used as a method of extracting and mapping these events. A pedestrian intersection providing the location in which the urban landscape shapes the movement of people and vehicles, setting the rules of exchange.

Collating and analysing the relationships within this dynamic, defined the formal solution for this restrictive site; space to indulge the pace of the surroundings or dwell on its flow against the backdrop of the city.

Daniel Pedley

The author eloquently translates the potential of a hitherto disregarded space within the city into a dynamic, transitional
Daniel’s insightful approach developed through his understanding and acknowledgement of, and his necessary dissociation from, an everyday activity that is known and familiar.
The actions and interactions of people using a city underpass were revealed as events of unique and irregular beauty.
These revelations underpin the project.
The building is a container that provides a solution for the punctuated urban landscape and the punctuated urban experience.
It accommodates, gives meaning to and celebrates, the fleeting, the beautiful and the mundane.

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