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Hydrostatic scuba chalet and fishermans lodge, Dwerja, Gozo

Part 1 Project 2006
Andrew Friend
Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL) | UK
Dwerja’s ‘Inland Sea’ is, a naturally formed lagoon separated from the Mediterranean by vast cliffs through which a small cave passes, feeding the lagoon. The ‘Inland Sea’ experiences sporadic occupation by local fishermen, their presence increasing throughout the year in preparation for the forthcoming ‘Lampuki’ season. In addition the site is home to some of the finest scuba diving waters in Europe.

Situated on the shores of the ‘Inland sea’ The ‘Hydrostatic Scuba Chalet & Fisherman’s Lodge’ forms part of a hydrostatically defined architecture providing accommodation for visiting divers, and a hub for fishing activities operating from the site.

Andrew Friend

Andy is an inquisitive, thorough and meticulous designer. He is interested in both the physical and emotional aspects of pressure and release in architecture. Through Andy’s invention, methodical testing and continuous refinement, simple building programmes generate highly evocative and complex architecture.

In his final project Andy explores how the presence two ‘jostling’ groups of seasonal inhabitants – scuba divers and fishermen - affects the relationships between architectural elements. He has created a building that is spatially complex and technologically ambitious and which demonstrates a growing mastery of materials and construction.

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