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tower-proportioned house

Part 1 Project 2006
Milton Monsalvo
University of Mendoza Mendoza Argentina
The idea consisted in a geometrical square based plan volume of brick rubblework with heavy stucco design and one in stone.
It also has a substracted prism on a corner creating a double height area wich contains a terrace protected with a great oxidized plate structure that brings a new texture and feeling to the house, working as “brisse-soleil”.
In the opposite corner, doing counterpoint, a crystal box contains a snail shaped stair supported by a heavy stone wall.
When entering home we discover a triple-height space that contains an inner balcony and an imposing red stair.

Milton Monsalvo

The guiding principle for this work was to project a tower-proportioned house, basically a higher volume than a wider one, planned for two persons, in no more than 1200 sq.feet in a rough shaped terrain. Also the tower has to be made with some stone walls, be climatically sustainable and have good relationship with his contexts.
We hope this conditions may increase our students creative potential, the results where indeed better than our expectancy.
This work is one of a list of more than hundred that plenty satisfied our requirements because of is fine formal and constructive resolution.

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