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Thames Taming

Part 1 Project 2006
Luis Reis
Yan Ki Ng
University of Westminster | UK
Private spaces are interwoven within the fabric of public space, one doesnt exist with out the other.

The promonade plays with an abstract rectilinear landscape that contrasts the fluid structural form of the private spaces. Water runs parallel to the promenade flowing under the structural logic of the private space illustrating a clear understanding between public and private.

The result is an architecture that illustrates the fine line between public and private, a contrast of forms, a conflict unresolved always fighting to define and the environment providing a context in which the two can co-exist in a juxtaposed inhabitation.

Luis Reis
Yan Ki Ng

There is a certain melancholic abstract quality about Luis project, which is due to the inspiration of the quality of the light on the site more than to it's computer skills. And that why Luis project is so literally refreshing, a very sensitive mind but with a clear focus on the process informing his formal research
The Thames study center, take full advantage of its position between two arms of the river, it maintain a clear focus on site, technology, function and realisation,
Luis succeed to create an exceptional place both as a building and as a contextual landscape.


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