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Theatre of Anatomy

Part 1 Project 2006
Darren Furniss
Anita Blanchard
Newcastle University | UK
The aim of the Theatre of Anatomy Project is to consider the processes that are at once about the body and of architecture. The project is based on a notion of digestion. Digestion as a bodily process and as an architectural configuring of audiences.

The project explores the means by which audiences are engaged through both performance and procession in and through an architecture.

Located adjacent to the Royal Victoria Infirmary the theatre of anatomy is a place where insides become outsides and bodily processes become intense spatial engagements.

Darren Furniss
Anita Blanchard

Not since the Enlightenment has the public performance of anatomical procedures been an issue of architectural concern. The Theatre of Anatomy Project is an opportunity to visit anew the issues of the dissected body and its architecture.

Darren Furniss's project is a rich exploration of the relation between the processes of digestion and that change in the self that the interaction of bodies and architecture can promote. His work comprehensively explores the altered sense of perspective that engagements with anatomised bodies promotes. The work is beautifully articulate at all scales and the level of refinement is superb.


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