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From an illegal settelment to a seaside resort: prefabricated server squares in Puerto Viejo

Part 2 Project 2006
Lorena Perez Leighton
Annabelle Tan
Pontifical Catholic University of Chile Santiago Chile
The project attempts to guide the urban process of transformation of an informal settlement into a seaside resort. In order to achieve that, the project focuses on the following themes:

-The tension between a precarious illegal settlement with no water or infrastructure devoted to vacation and the sensibility of its natural context, linking the desert and the sea.

-The serious damage in the ecosystem of the sea border.

-The geographic isolation, located 3 hours away from the nearest city.

In order to respond to the mentioned points, the strategy consists of building a system of services on the sea border that solve the basic needs of its non permanent inhabitants. The system takes the shape of prefabricated squares sets out to facilitate the construction of complex structures on this distant beach.

Lorena Perez Leighton
Annabelle Tan

Puerto viejo, space and ambiance

Fundamental considerations for this scheme are:

Its insertion within an inusual illegal settlement devoted to leisure situated within the absolute desert: water transported from neighbouring towns, energy supplied by oil generators.Requirement for shade; no need for watertightness.

Meagre resources tactical definition of a public domain as provider of clear improvements in the life of the settlement.

Impermanence and provisionality as an aspect of the seaside resort .A festive ethos associated to leisure and the outdoors.

The notion of ambiance as a defining architectonic dimension complementary to the idea of space

Perhaps the oasis is what best represents its site strategy, for its implication as intensity, concentration into an identifiable configuration, the provision of shade amenities and wellbeing.


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