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Carbon Fibre Recycling Centre

Part 2 Project 2006
Simon Vickers
Rhiannon Flack
University of Westminster | UK
We are becoming increasingly reliant upon the high-performance properties of composite carbon fibre, yet there is an international shortage of virgin yarn. Furthermore, all carbon fibre waste now goes into landfill. New EU legislation demands that composite materials become recyclable, stating that all vehicles - for instance - must be 95% recyclable by 2015.

This community conscious proposal includes an integrated three-tier recycling hierarchy, a flexible system capable of processing, cross-processing and re-using a multitude of domestic, commercial and industrial waste. This activity is coupled with a composite testing and research facility for innovation and development of high-tech materials.

Simon Vickers
Rhiannon Flack

Simon was someone who really thought hard about issues, using his Diploma project as a proper site for investigation. The brief was to look into what sort of manufacturing production might take place in London in future. He latched onto the recycling not just of the usual everyday materials of consumerism, but also new high-tech materials like carbon fibre which have now also become environmental quandaries.

Simon's design is sensitive and careful, not flashy or overstated, and provides a sumptuous image for how the Lots Road Power Station in Chelsea might be transformed into a beneficial community facility.


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