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Tesselating Tack: The University of Taste

Part 1 Project 2006
George Barer
Simone Geneser Jackson
University of Brighton | UK
Our brief was to produce a design that celebrated the idea of food, its partaking, participating, producing, understanding and experiencing.

I wanted to create a food research area that would incorporate both chefs and scientists within the same spaces. Taking the sterio-typical view of both of these professions there is a conflict in terms of contrasting use of space. This, along with an almost uninhabitable site, was the driving force behind my project, where rather than ratifying the problems i went along a mazy, winding path of diagramatic investigations to embrace all of the projects problems.

George Barer
Simone Geneser Jackson

Following our year-long journey through Slow Cities, sampling of Slow Food and mapping of The Good Life, George’s proposal for his ‘University of Taste’ has been carried out with effortless rigour delivered with sumptuous diagramming and the crispest of drawings.

Playfully conceived as four gastronomic ‘process towers’ – research, practice, synthesis and product – enveloped in a multi-storey coil-tension structure – George demonstrates his ability to fuse his system of continuously-fractured programmatic plates with an awesome control of movement, light, structure and space. A parasite to Brighton’s Grand Hotel, this mod-baroque proposal stands with venom poise against the decaying candy-floss facade.


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