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Part 1 Project 2006
Ai Murai
Alcan Zekia
University of East London London | UK
The walls enclosing voids create inaccessible spaces, dividing communities in the Dingle. Impassable places, discarded rubbish, kids scaring locals; this situation could be changed by making small additions or subtractions to these division walls.

The proposal acts as go-between, linking to the surroundings beyond its existing walls. This Cultural Workshop provides creative metalwork skills for kids by local technicians from dock industries.

New public access through the building alters the flow of local people. Extending existing terraces onto new roofs reveals physical qualities of the site; providing views to the river and city.

New communication and encounters could happen here.

Ai Murai
Alcan Zekia

Over recent decades, The Dingle, a former dockworkers neighbourhood in Liverpool, has lost half of its population. This has left voids within the urban fabric that are apparent physically, socially and economically.

Within this landscape, Ai investigates the presence of walls and building remnants that reflect an industrial past, exploring their capability to separate, obscure and contain.

A highly appropriate response, Ai’s programme facilitates local needs by creating employment and an outlet for local youth. The Workshop ensemble provides a dramatic spatial setting. Ai confidently explores the physical and material qualities of her intervention, subtly integrating new with existing structures.


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