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The Carpenters Guild of London

Part 2 Project 2006
Michael Cartwright
Rebecca Evans
Kingston University Kingston | UK
The Guild of Carpenters located in Borough serves a dual purpose; encouraging the art of making, and as an educative device promoting the craft to the public.

The medieval street pattern of Borough High Street is employed in the design as a processional route for the guilds formal events, making the presence of the institution apparent and placing the building in its urban context.

The craft community, a series of temporary workshops and training school, inhabits undeveloped spaces surrounding Borough Market. The guild building provides permanent industrial facilities and the tower exhibits the work generated by the craft community.

Michael Cartwright
Rebecca Evans

The guild of Carpenters formed one part of a group project for the rejuvenation of an old memorial site in Southwark. The group developed a common theme surrounding the implications of oral culture in city life. The guild, within which training is established through the passing on of inherited knowledge, is one aspect of this tradition which was further enhanced within the overall scheme by the provision of small temporary workshops situated in the local community and the development of a processional route for the graduating ceremony which brought the conclusion of the journey back into the urban realm.


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