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St Botolph's Archeological Museum

Part 2 Project 2006
Julien McGuinness
Daniel Pardo
University of Nottingham | UK
Based on a live scheme situated at a Scheduled Ancient Monument next to
Colchester's Roman Wall, the existing brief is improved to better reflect
Colchester's historical (archaeological), social and material identities.
The museum acts as a vessel for both the flow of artifacts (from the ground,
through labs, archive, then gallery spaces) and people (who descend from
the modern art levels to the excavated Roman strata beneath). Simplicity in
plan is derived from geometries of buried Roman roads which are
reintroduced as circulation routes. The Roman wall is also bridged as part
of an Urban planning strategy.

Julien McGuinness
Daniel Pardo

This project for St. Botolph's Museum in Colchester draws inspiration from its richly diverse site, of significant Roman, Medieval, and Victorian heritage. With the concept of 'time' at its core, the museum building pivots around a Roman archaeological dig; the conservation processes and material products of which inform the building's programme and journey. Cutting through the scheme, a monastically-lit 'nave' acts as archive, library, and circulatory spine, and the overall architectural language - realised in concrete and glass - evokes the rarefied classicism of Kahn. Within the arcaded gallery spaces, suspended, glazed volumes - or glowing jewel boxes - contain the most prized artefacts

Prof Alejandro Restrepo
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