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Museum of Exploration

Part 2 Project 2006
Oliver Emmett
University of Plymouth | UK
This project aims to explore the ideas of navigation & exploration to celebrate what has shaped the cities past, present & future.
The building acts as a metaphorical ship, -transporting the visitors through a journey of discovery by transporting through thresholds of time between land & sea, which winds up through the space with a constant reference to the horizon.
Entering at water level, the visitor is taken on a historical journey rising as you go.
The spatial programme is designed to articulate this crossing of thresholds as a symbol of journey to discovery & finally knowledge.

Oliver Emmett

Oliver's commitmemnt to generating architectural concepts through his developing understanding of the site and its wider context has allowed him to create site specific yet refreshing proposals. The complex geometries of the scheme integrate the land sea relationship and maintain important existing and new pedestrian routes across and through the site and building.
Detailed concern for the techtonic quality of the building, internally and externally, produced a proposal equally rich at the technical and environmental level. The sequence of events for the visitor mirror the diversity and significance of the site's history and the challenge of the brief.

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