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The Future Aint What it Used to be

Part 0 Project 2006
Royal College of Art | UK
In 2020, the dearth of fossil fuels moves LONDON ever nearer LONDOFF. When science fails, we seek holistic approaches to assuage our fears.
Nuclear power is now synchronised with Ley Lines that traverse Gaia’s body; harnessing electromagnetic fields for human benefit. The accompanying Electrical Wellness Centre is an electromagnetic Lido in which to physically experience one’s aura. Visitors float in the energised waters of the cooling towers, bask in the earth's field on the electromagnetic beach and observe the stars through the astrological web of the substation. Mother London averts blackout through processing of uranium from the stars.

Architects have an unfailing optimism about the future; that the role of architecture is to make the world a better place. Tanya, however, sees a world full of contradictions, where we all have high ethics and base desires.

It takes 12,000 wind turbines to equal the power of one nuclear power station. Tanya asks the question "How do we reinvent nuclear power as a desirable consumer experience?" Though popularly viewed as harmful, electromagnetic fields from power distribution may have health-giving benefits. By cross programming the power station with a lido she removes all negative associations we previously had.

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