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Spitalfields International Film School

Part 2 Project 2007
Matthew Hynam
University of the West of England | UK
Preparatory studies for the Film School provided engagement with the film making process, and the production of a building conceived as film.

‘Imaginary Construction’ explored techniques for capturing the site area on film.

‘Thresholds’ explored the link between thresholds and filmic transitions.

‘Narrative Generation’ used character plots to generate four dimensional spaces from behind the camera.

The wall running through the school reacts to a myriad of notional dividing lines that exist on the Spitalfields site and creates a series of thresholds, allowing users to seamlessly connect with spaces as if being part of a film, effectively setting up a persistence of vision.

Matthew Hynam

The main thematic and conceptual concern of this project is the relationship(s) between film and architecture. Not simply architecture conceived as set-design but a more thoughtful exploration of the possibilities of the filmic imagination for architecture. Through preliminary studies investigating contextual cues within the site area, filmic layering within space and experience of architecture as narrative, the design of the International Film School was developed as a composition of spatial sequences. Within these sequences the experience of moving around the building is constantly measured by entering the central, twin, brick wall spine – an interstitial zone where the functional meets the unexpected.

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