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East London | Family Housing | Modern Industry

Part 2 Project 2007
Matt Parsons
Simon Richardson
University of Bath | UK
East London currently faces many social and economical problems, and this project is the result of a thorough exploration of how architecture and masterplanning can be used to enhance a community rather than simply regenerate an area.

The Project Thesis tackled East London’s demand for family housing juxtaposed against a need for the sustainable development of industry within the city confines. Both the masterplan and the development of a perimeter block began to challenge conventional sprawling industrial estates and stagnant housing schemes by integrating the two, thus enhancing the local characteristics which give this area of London its identity.

Matt Parsons
Simon Richardson

How can light industry and family housing live happily side by side, sustaining cities by keeping them within the city?

The masterplan links the Silvertown DLR station in the Royal Docks and the Thames through a new street and working dock. Two housing typologies were developed in detail, a loft style industrial shed and a multi-storey mixed use block.

The building's architecture draws out and extends the ideas within the urban design, using traditional industrial building materials to create flexible living spaces with an industrial character. The architecture creates a real working place where one can imagine living today.

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