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Dance the Walk

Part 2 Project 2007
Sherry Shih-Huei Huang
McGill University, Montreal Montreal Canada
Dance the Walk seeks to enact lived-bodies and lived-experiences through an improvisational choreography of walking. The building is conceptualized as a polymorphous body composed of a circulation surface and a performance spine in dialogue with each other. Through distortion and deflection of the surface and the spine, heterogeneous boundary conditions and spatial configurations are derived. The boundaries between spaces of different functions are continuously being transformed in symbiosis with the trajectory of the urban wanderer, whose moving body constantly mediates spatiality as it dances amidst the in-between realms of concretised and definitive edge conditions to blurred and ambiguous fluidity.
Sherry Shih-Huei Huang

The final design studio in the M.Arch. (Professional) program is focused on each student developing a project that demonstrates their ability to combine architectural design and research skills within a critical understanding of societies potential for change and evolution.

Her project was the ambitious redevelopment of an urban block made vacant by the construction of a lower-level highway. The project operated at both an urban and experiential scale, trying to reform a city block and investigate the potential for public performance and casual interaction to enrich everyday life.

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