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Research Institute for Social Cohesion (RISC)

Part 2 Project 2007
Javed Mohammed
Birmingham City University | UK
Social cohesion in cities, encouraging different social and ethnic groups to live together harmoniously, is a vital concern in today’s society if we are to avoid issues of alienation and detachment.

My project is about revealing hidden and invisible structures within the city and attempts to address the current difficulties experienced by such communities.

The programme aims to be a catalyst to alleviate grievances and encourage communities living within the city to engage with issues of social cohesion and social inclusion via a multipurpose experience that has the ability to adapt, evolve and modify when communities participate with it.

Javed Mohammed

Javed focused on exploring post structuralism as a concept for exploration. This approach offered the opportunity to experiment and create outside the framework of convention. The Deleuzian concept of ‘becoming’ was investigated as a method of designing architecture rather than simply the reproduction of architectural form.

The programme aims to explore the difficult relationship and the meshing of theoretical and physical.

His work explored the cultural differences of various ethnic and indigenous communities in Birmingham and used a comparative analysis to create a method, a tactic, for manipulating form. These tactics were developed through the process of architectural diagramming.

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