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Environmental Centre for Port St. Louis du Rhone, France

Part 2 Project 2007
Kiyoaki Takeda
University of East London London | UK
This project is intended to revitalize the blighted industrial area, reusing old existing plants as a memory of the site, by a progressive reinterpretation of characteristics of the industrial buildings.

The environmental centre, located in Port St. Louis which is a port-industrial landscape in south France, was provided by a re-composition of disused industrial-buildings on the site. In the project, through considerations for the old constructions which have damaged by weathering, a new composition of collective residence for 100 students was designed.

This proposition offers a new view for a possibility of reusing industrial building for present-day social uses.

Kiyoaki Takeda

Kiyoaki Takeda’s project at the University of East London was exceptional in its precision of intention and resonance with its context. In a time when Architecture is preoccupied with interests in complexity and ‘new forms’, it is refreshing and somewhat radical to see a student whose work is framed by a strategy to work carefully with a found architecture and whose ideology is underpinned by reticence. Working with ordinary materials and simple means of construction, Kiyoaki developed a composition of buildings that reveals a sensibility towards the local culture, invites occupation, and offers optimism for a landscape in transition.

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