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The Tailor House

Part 1 Project 2007
Timothy Bennett
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
The initial exploration began with a series of experimental analysis that aimed to extract and reveal qualities through detailed studies of a pair of trousers. When collated the information formed the archive which exhibited intangible qualities of the studies element.

The results from the investigations informed the program and brief which was a sensitive response to the context of the chosen site. The language developed from three things: the required functions established in the brief, the previous explorations and the events in and around the site.

Timothy Bennett

Tim’s project evolved through rigorous exploration from a seemingly mundane object, cargo pants, and his objective being to archive his analysis extracting the intangible qualities. The process later informed the installation which captured the essence of Tim’s first stage in the process within an interactive translation of the archived studies.

The archive coupled with the installation inspired the next stage of explorative development to achieve an architectonic language that would not detract from the cultural fabric of Rethymnon. Using the premise that the site context celebrates local craft, the buildings program celebrates the art of tailoring as a craft thus integrating with the existing fabric of the street.

The development and final design of the building proposition not only effortlessly integrates with the social and contextual aspects; this design evokes a strong sense of continuity and progression with sensitivity to the final stages of design, creating a feasible proposition without loosing the rich interpretation from the initial investigation.

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