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(Re)Inhabiting the Edge... Developing a Typology for Living

Part 2 Project 2007
Colin Boylan
University of East London London | UK
This project has evolved from concerns for the individual, the community and connecting to the existing fabric and patterns of living in the city while also seeking to address the restraints of imposed contained living within possibilities for reducing perceived enclosure, tension and fixedness so often found within developed apartment living types.

The central concerns of inhabitation (re inhabitation) are also expanded into the wider city. The wider program aims to re- create links, forgotten connections and regenerate the fabric, edge and wider community of the city -adding a new layer - another chapter in the story of the city.

Colin Boylan

Colin Boylan is a remarkable student of architecture and one whose interests in the detail and resolution of a project are, for me, particularly impressing and unprecedented. Colin’s project sought to reconcile the historical context of the city of Arles with necessary development pressures. With considerable sensitivity towards materiality and weathering, Colin developed a series of intelligent interventions, ranging in scale from a new entrance in a historic façade to a riverside apartment building to an extensive marina, that address a neglected edge of the city and yet allow for an integration and enhancement of existing spaces and use.

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