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Hanging in the wind:

Part 2 Project 2007
LERICHE Aurélien
N'GUYEN Viet-Huy
Ecole Nationale Supérieure d'Architecture de Paris-la-Villette Paris | France
The purpose of this project is the conception of ecological collective houses with architectural quality, all adapted to tropical climate, to low quality soils, with an affordable cost for local economical conditions: The primary condition is the use of passive and free cooling, thus eliminating any air conditioning.
These buildings are completely porous to the wind: the independent modules of dwellings are hung from a metallic mega structure, letting the wind blow between each storey. Thanks to this system and to the peripheral walls made of shutters, a continuous circulation of air refreshes the dwellings.

LERICHE Aurélien
N'GUYEN Viet-Huy

Steel buildings in Brazil, close to the ocean.
Several aims are expound in this social housing project.
Adaptation to environnemental situation : tropical climate, poor support ground, scarceness of water.
Adaptation to economical conditions: a perfectly easy and recurrence structure, a common dwelling.
Investigations to save energy : the pierced façades avoid air conditionning systems and the wide roof canalize quick winds.
With these light weight buildings, it seems that architecture blend with comfort, elegance and good management.

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