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Home for an ancient mariner

Part 1 Project 2008
James Lingard
University of Plymouth | UK
Intended as an exploration of a relationship between home and place, the project acknowledges the maritime tradition of the site through the creation of a resting place for an 'ancient mariner', a man inspired by Samuel Taylor Coleridge's poem.

Like a shipwreck bound to the rocks upon which it sits, the elements of nature engage with the house allowing the mariner to track tides and weather as he has instinctively done for decades. From these natural elements energy for the house is drawn. As on his ship, the land-bound mariner listens and pays heed to the surrounding environment in order to harmonise with place.

James Lingard

James tenaciously grappled to establish an architectural position in his joyful six week project.

His resolution is a celebration which intentionally merges natures forces with the challenge of creating a home.

Seduction of space, memory and enlightenment are blurred in an emerging philosophy. Addressing alluring intangibles, manipulating experiential qualities add to underpin 'familiar' environmental conditions by passive and manageable controls in a home from home. The proposition illuminates the surrounding heavy, dark and historic context through a series of memorable, enjoyable spaces.


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