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After Nature

Part 2 Project 2009
Anders LüHr
Oslo School of Architecture and Design Oslo | Norway
”The Memory of Flesh” takes the Munch painting ”A Night in St. Cloud” as its starting point and the final resting place of Munch, “Vår Frelsers Gravlund”, as its site. The project is a poetic interpretation of the work and life of Munch but also deals with the very practical question; what do we do with all the dead people in densely populated cities.

Vår Frelsers Gravlund is home of Norway’s national icons and is completely full, grade 1 listed and slowly decaying. The hundred-year old trees in the cemetery are slowly dying and are being cut down, leaving only their root systems in place.

Using an alternative method of cremation called promation (a less polluting process, where the body is freeze dried to speed up decomposition), the memory of the flesh becomes a part of a new, slowly evolving part of the cemetery.

The roots of the trees are used to support a new structure, hovering providing a cathedral like space along the main axis of the cemetery as well as ample space for new burials on top. The program also includes the promatorium building itself as well as the home and workshop of two of the cemetery's occupants; the gardener and the beekeeper.

Anders LüHr

Human communication and ecological accountability are inextricably linked in architectural design; our current world ecological crisis underscores this fundamental connection.

Anders Luhr's project 'After Nature' is about the idea of a recursive architecture between people and the land. It is about renewal and decay, an architecture that follows vision of the people who occupy his spaces. It is a thoughtful, ecological and sustainable project that allows us to really appreciate good ideas.


Tomas Stokke

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