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Part 1 Project 2010
Dabriel Choi
Central Saint Martins, UAL | UK
Congestion charges in London have increased dramatically. Private parking lots have become increasingly deserted since the introduction of these charges and the owners and communities are looking for solutions. Today, most of these parking structures are empty and unused, which is a community problem as derelict areas can attract crime and result in diminished property values. Since empty properties demoralise the community and detract from local businesses it is important to find ways to re-utilise space in these abandoned parking structures and improve community social interaction in the area. My project seeks to transform one of these spaces into a new platform for community activity. The plan is to develop an arts centre; providing studio space, performance space and living space; through the careful modification of an existing concrete structure. The challenges have been to provide suitable space and light within a deep plan, low ceiling structure.
Dabriel Choi

This project has combined a very careful examination of the existing structure (a dis-used car park near Old Street in London) in order to explore the ways in which a building, originally designed for utility and function, can be made to provide an environment for creativity and community interaction.

The student has done well to examine the structural possibilities for a 'surgical' approach to the removal of structure to enable light and space to transform the spatial characteristics. But, there is also a consideration of the importance of understanding the nature of the experience. The drawings show a combination of technical understanding, but combine this with a need to portray the ways in which one might feel in experience this new typology.

Mr Nasser Golzari
Mr Geoffrey Makstutis
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