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Beer House Ariana

Part 1 Project 2010
Miroslav Krastev
University of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Geodesy | Bulgaria
The building consists of three parts: a beer-house, a bottle-recycling station and a service unit that physically and functionally links the separate public-access areas. The building transcends its structure and becomes a closed continuum of its social functions. The three facilities form an independent system where the material (glass) is used and re-used in a cycle.
The horizontal layout is designed to pay respect to the island’s heritage. The structure shapes the public space and tries to establish a sense of reciprocity between man and the environment. The design also takes into account the seasonal nature of the structure.
The vertical planning keeps the focus firmly on the visitors' needs and functions within the building, whereas the actual labour processes that result into them taking place are veiled against immediate perception.
The interior design is intended to keep visitors aware that in an age of consumerism they can still be sensitive to their surroundings.
All analysis and its outcome are aimed at developing architecture with didactic quality.

Miroslav Krastev

The project attempts to reconcile the contradictory nature of a specific nature-mimicking non-urban site historically placed within a most explicitly aggressive urban context. The social implications of the location have been taken into account in a way that is simultaneously affirmative of their present state of evolution and yet offers a scenario for further development that contains an ironical awareness of their flaws.
The outcome is single-mindedly shifted into neutrality of formal presence since it is more of an attempt to predetermine new behavioral patterns and social practices within local community that would unassertively rule out the ones that have been historically proven destructive.


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