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Think Blue (Maritime Life Submerged Resort)

Part 2 Project 2010
Mohamed Mosaad
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport - Alexandria Campus | Egypt
-the ministry of tourism these days interested in the development of tourism in egypt , so the thought & the minister of tourism opening opportunities for the establishment of tourist villages & hotels in all the cities of arab republic of egypt , therefore the door was opened for establishment tourist villages in abuqir area.
-Six archaeological maps were drawn , showing accurate topography of several areas of major historical significan.
-among the regions that have been identified in these maps abuqir region , as it contains submerged monuments return to the battle of the nile ( also known as the battle of abuqir bay , in french as " bataille d'aboukir " ) was a major naval battle fought between british & french fleets as abouqir bay , on the mediterranean coast of egypt from 1 - 3 august 1798 , the battle was the climax of naval campaign that had ranged across french convoy sailed from toulon to alexandria , carrying an expeditionary force under general napoleon bonaparte , the french were defeated by the british forces led by rear-admiral sir horatio nelsonce.
-the objective was to establish chambers submerged underwater in the tourist resort , so that tourists can see submerged monuments that return to abuqir naval battle.
-so it ought clear the water & increase fields of visions & at the entrance of this region developed cleansing machines & power turbines that rely on wave power.

Mohamed Mosaad

Egypt witnessed many battles and wars on its territory from Aswan and Nubia, even Alexandria and El Alamein , The idea for the project is to present the monuments of a major battle took place in Egypt, but under the water To ensure that no damage can reach the submerged monuments , " Maritime life submerged resort ", Is an integrated tourist resort serves Egyptian plans to develop tourism, but is distinguished by displaying the submerged monuments while enjoying the hotel services at rooms submerged under the waters of Abu Qir & establishment of submerged restaurants and cafeterias to serve all residents of the hotel , What distinguishes this project from others is the successful implementation of this idea in a way friendly to the environment and natural through the use of turbines depends on the power of waves to generate energy & to Benefit the relationship of the project with the Mediterranean , The project encourages the design and thinking a sound environmental manner and try to deal with the nature of the water without any change in the nature of the surrounding environment through the gates and turbines, membranes and chemicals that control the entry and exit of water and the degree of purity and field of vision under water , As the first reason to establish part of the resort is submerged under water is to see the effects of the battle of Abu Qir , the student using the factors of space and time in constructing the project by choosing the place is marked by sunken monuments resulting from the battle which occurred in 1798 and the future represented in rooms submerged under water within the tourism services in Abu Qir & This resort is the present, which is designed to link between the past and future.

Prof Mohamed Gomma
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