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The Spine Village ( A sustainable Fishermen Village )

Part 2 Project 2010
Carol Mikhail
Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport - Alexandria Campus Alexandria Egypt
Fishing is one of the important economic activities within Egypt, as it is surrounded by the Mediterranean and Red Sea. One of the main Markets for Fish and Fish products is located in Alexandria.
A development of Fishermen Villages in Alexandria would revitalize and reconnect all the different Urban Fabrics together, as Alexandria contains around % of Fishermen in Egypt.
The Project focuses on the Fishermen Village located in Abu Qir, Alexandria, which will become a center for Fishing while providing Fishermen Families with Housing Units and all the Services they need. This will establish a new improved way of living, while providing employment and enjoyment to the People living there, all year round.
The architectural proposal will consist of Residential Units, a school, a Health Care Unit, Playgrounds, a market, a Community Center and the Fishing Harbor.
The Fishermen Village design will focus on certain goals to achieve a sustainable Village system considering the urban design and the Residential Unit design. The Village will promote economic growth, by creating a site plan for homes and shops that promote economic and social interaction. The Village will also protect the environment by using the Village’s land and resources to meet the needs of the Village and maximize the re-use of waste in human and economic activity to the greatest extent possible. It will also foster a strong community by building a community center that promotes the personal interaction of the village residents.
All these innovative and sustainable goals will lead to a healthy co-operation between the Environment & the Community and will improve the quality of life.

Carol Mikhail

Carol Mikhail

Carol’s presented project proposes a productive urban fabric based on the nature of the site environment, which would help develop the coastal communities of the Cost of Alexandria. Carol’s expansive research allowed her to fulfill this community need, while fulfilling the Environments needs.
The Fishermen Village at Abu Qir Alexandria takes us through all aspects a village will need from residential Areas to Service Areas, while respecting the surrounding Environment. By optimizing the land allocation for housing, agriculture, commerce, micro-enterprise and community, sustainable village design features are fulfilled.
Carol introduces a contrast between traditional architecture and modern architecture creating a design that is sensitive to the environment but still functional and attracting. In an age of resource shortage and ecological awareness, Carol’s proposal provides a real solution on how the community needs can be fulfilled without violating the Environments needs.

Prof. Mohamed Gomma

Prof Mohamed Gomma
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