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Hi-tech Agro Industrial Oasis

Part 2 Project 2011
Olga Prosvirina
Moscow Architectural Institute Moscow Russia
People living in desert suffer from lack of water and food.
Coincidently scientists have discovered big stores of fresh water under all the deserts in the world.

65% of lands in Africa are deserts and semi-deserts. Because of lack of water there are lots of conflicts in the region.

In the north-west of Sudan, in Darfur Boston specialists have discovered an underground lake.
V=2,530 km³

Using the underground sources will provide the local inhabitants with water and food and will stop internecine quarreling.

Life of local inhabitants and western people is different.
Through architecture the inter-penetration of cultures is being expressed.

Green technologies for green life.

The wall is a metallic skeleton, divided into cells. Unutilized sea 20 feet containers are inside. The containers are equipped for living, storage, laboratory work etc.
Access to all the cells is provided by elevator which moves in two directions: horizontal - in the first floor, and vertical - following guidelines in every module.

Covering is a self-supported construction that consists of two contours. The inside contour serves as support and protection, the outside contour provides shadow for production.

The construction is autonomous. Energy of Sun is turned into electricity. Photoelectric modules are placed at a certain angle on the south front. This allows getting direct sunlight and the one reflected from the pool.

Constructive core with elevator and communications is situated in the covering.
Floors-"plates" with radial and transverse up stands are attached to the core. Food is produced at the floors. The process is based on aquiculture. Water from cleft is delivered through the up stands to the "plates".

The last floor in the covering is a place for tribes living, a composition center with well. Tribe is one family with its traditions and Oasis will belong to one tribe.

Oases are connected by net of roads and give landmarks for travelers.

Big territory is designated for market place as it is integral part of tribal life.
Parking and place for camels is planned in the market.

Uniting values through architecture we create center of attraction, Oasis for local inhabitants and tourists.

Olga Prosvirina


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