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Part 2 Project 2011
Samodha Subasinghe
City School of Architecture | Sri Lanka
Contemporary art is commonly identified as art that is produced during present times. To
give a specific time frame, since World War II, as the museums of contemporary art more
commonly present their collections as art produced since World War II.

SAARC: South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation is an organization representing
08 South Asian nations with an objective to provide for the well being of these member
nations through regional co-operation. In order to facilitate regional co-operation the
SAARC Secretariat is supported by Regional Centres established in the member states.
These centres are managed by governing boards comprising representatives from all the member states, the SAARC Secretary-General and a ministry of the host government.

SMoCA is the creative design outcome of the SAARC collaboration with the Ministry of
Cultural Affairs, in its efforts to create a platform to promote vastly diversified cultures of SAARC nations. It was developed to promote contemporary art in the region, acting as a cultural centre collaborating with the local Ministry of Cultural Affairs and Art.

For SMoCA to be successful, it should be located in a densely populated area that provides a breathing space for the building to seen from a distance. The infrastructure should create a link between the public and the facility, thus a site in the central business district of capital of Sri Lanka - Colombo was selected. Facing the Beira Lake from one side and with the existing infrastructure to support, a new master plan was created to facilitate the functions
required for SMoCa. The new master plan lead to creating lake-front promenades and a
festival square that linked up with SMoCA to fulftll its needs.

SMoCA is intended to function as a major meeting point for the artistic communities of the SAARC member states. It will provide the necessary facilities and conditions for individuals and groups in diverse fields of culture to meet and interact in a conductive environment.
Activities at the centre are expected to encompass all forms of Art, Vocal Drama, Puppetry, Painting, Sculpture, Cinemas, Photography, and Literature.

Samodha Subasinghe


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