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2050 Lab Home Hotel

Part 2 Project 2013
Angela Vanezi
London South Bank University | UK
2050 Lab Home Hotel is a proposal suggested for the year 2050. The concept is based on an analysis on smart clothing that will be essential in the future. London faces a major threat due to flooding; studies estimate that by the year 2050 River Thames will overflow catastrophically.

2050 Lab Home Hotel takes this into consideration. Hydraulic ramps provide both the entrance to the lab and allow the building to rise up if a flood occurs.

Taking the hypothesis of Oxford Street flooding, the introduction of a new cloud city floating above Oxford Street is suggested, using the tallest building in the area (Centre Point), as a benchmark for the height of the future city.

Smart clothing is a form of fabric where sensors are woven into the fabric and detect any severe health problems the wearer might face in the near future. Once severe detection is triggered, sensors activate a signal to satellites and nano-help comes to the individual promptly.

This clothing will be essential in an environmentally hazardous future; therefore a Lab Home Hotel is proposed in London Oxford Street since the site is a retail vortex, especially for clothing. The hotel becomes a lab where engineers develop new technologies and smart fabrics but also a home, accommodating more than 500 staff members. It may additionally accommodate visitors who will be visiting the Lab in order to get there smart clothing fitted.

The structure of the building is derived from forensic analysis of the different volumes of blocks on Oxford Street, and allows the possibility of growth by adding prefabricated steel cubes onto the structural cores increasing the space for accommodation and labs if needed. This allows the structure to constantly evolve throughout different timelines, and environmental scenarios.

Angela Vanezi

Ms Lilly Kudic

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