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A Barometer: The West Coast retold

Part 2 Project 2014
Trine Alsen Vittrup
Aarhus School of Architecture | Denmark
’stories of time’ - a dialogue between historical layers and the human.


This project is a conceptual and theoretical investigation of time - and landscape variability through a spatial intervention in a timeline. The eroded- and previous land is maintained by a structure, which is placed in a historic landscape context around an existing lighthouse buried in sand. The project will become visible, readable and measurable over time.

Amalie Smith writes in her essay: ”The West Coast retold”:

”The past is not just one landscape, but many landscapes which can not exist simultaneously, which would fill the world with material if they did. Everything is moving (...) Seeing through time, would be to see a flowing landscape.”

This project seeks the story of this moving landscape where a dialogue between the layers clarifies, and where we as human beings can move across the previous land. The project aims to stage layers from the past as well as the present and the future.

This project retells the West Coast’s geological history by acting as a barometer. A barometer or a timeline, which maintains the eroded- and previous landscapes. The project is based on the story of our time and takes it’s beginning about 17.000 years ago, to where the land in Denmark can be backdated. The last Ice Age followed by the Reindeer time, the Stone Age, the Viking- and Middle Age.

Museum as program

The museum as time capsules in a network of stories is offering a reading of spatial experiences, new relationships and new connec¬tions - horizontally and vertically, diachronically and synchronically.
The concept of the spatial architecture is inspired by the past landscapes. Through analysis of spaces and senses of light, etc., it is possible to walk on disappeared and previous land with references to a particular time, where the time stands still and museum objects is exhibited.

This conceptual and theoretical investigation of the term: time, is to be perceived as a proposal but also a discussion of how to engage with big issues.

Trine Alsen Vittrup


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