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Interstellar spaceport

Part 1 Project 2015
Jubal Green
Leeds Beckett University | UK
This proposal is for a spaceport that re-appropriates parts harvested from a cloud of space debris in a geosynchronous orbit at around 35,786 kilometers above Earth.

With the increase of commercial space initiatives and the political distancing of world space programs the waste and destruction of satellites is set to increase dramatically by 2055. A phenomena known as Kessler syndrome is on course to create a cloud of space debris hurtling across orbital planes.

With the increase of space debris the prospect of a physical trade with earth and the solar systems external resources becomes unfeasible via modern forms of space travel.

This speculative project reflects upon the relationship with the cosmos as a source of trade and navigation throughout time. The research also analyses the political and economic loopholes that create a shifting ownership of territory and resources within outer space. This poses a question of weather there could ever be a free port of trade based in international orbital territories.

The spaceport manifests itself within the forgotten and unused parts in orbit. The crew of the ship slowly adapt the port to harvest and process the space debris cloud and trade new vessels with earth. As the political and economic climate on earth shifts so too does the spaceport.

Jubal Green


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