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Homelessness Centre Between the Edges

Part 1 Project 2015
Syed Shadman Salim Ryem
University of East London London | UK
Homelessness, often a stigma generating boundaries, separates people who are enduring situations that may not be within their control can be the result of either political or financial hardship.
The projects programme, within Vicenza, creates a sense of belonging for its homeless through its architecture. Acknowledging the local influence of Palladian architecture, it reinterprets an original housing model, providing an alternative order and identity.
The site has two boundaries. The first is a historic wall hinging between the site and its relatively poor neighbours. With its window playing a primary role in mediating tensions between the compounds privacy and its relationship with the local residents, the dynamic informs the strategy. With one building sheltering private lives, allowing the homeless to form a new community around the intimacy of a courtyard, the other is semi public, possessing an open courtyard, encouraging more interaction with the public domain of the city, including small craft and market facilities.
The second boundary, a river, is bordered on its other bank by wealthy mansions; these are largely screened off from the site by trees and lush vegetation. The design places the two territories in interface with each other as mirror images of a divided society.

Syed Shadman Salim Ryem


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