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Weave Works

Part 1 Project 2015
George Allen
University of Sheffield | UK
Weave Works, located in Hunslet, Leeds, is intended to connect the existing residential and business communities with the anticipated influx of people brought to the area as a result of HS2 in 2032. Designed to accommodate traditional fabric weaving alongside advanced 3-D carbon fibre weaving, the scheme connects with the history of the site, which was dominated by the linen industry in the 19th century.
Using the process of weaving as a conceptual starting point, the architectural proposal has been informed by metaphorical rules defining spatial arrangements, material use and routes through the building. The programmatic separation between contemporary and traditional forms of weaving has been lessened by the building’s complex internal organisation which encourages the two processes to rely upon shared spaces, thus increasing social interaction amongst the weaving community.
At a wider scale, Weave Works provides a focal point to what will soon be a highly mixed residential area. The scheme itself offers opportunities for education and employment through both the production and sale of woven materials. The threaded landscape adjacent to the building creates a place for the congregation of communities, old and new, while simultaneously strengthening the cultural identity of the area.

George Allen


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