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Regeneration of redundency: A resilience of culture and micro-economy

Part 1 Project 2015
Lu Wang
University of Plymouth | UK
Exeter city until recently had a reciprocal relationship with the river Exe. Historically textile and shipping industries prevailed along the river and Exeter canal making inland Exeter and port City. However, the introduction of the railway transportation in 1844 saw the steady decline of the canal trade. Today the site of the quay seems increasingly disconnected and has become peripheral to the city.

Residential, leisure and café culture predominates the site moment. The master plan aims to encourage the potential of local craftsman and small industry to revive Exeter quay. It provides a thriving arts and crafts community as an alternative response to the urban condition of Exeter quay. The affordable tenantable studios and workshops will promote the local crafts and allow the knowledge exchange to happen within the community and beyond.

The project is inter-linked with the intention to strengthen the synergies between the community and the site context. It proposes an artisan centre that has a cultural, economic and educational sensibilities to the site condition.

The artisan collects wreckage of boats and components from the sea, regenerating artefacts to bring the past memory and identity to the city, which redefines the relationship of land and water.

Lu Wang


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