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Oppressive to expressive – Regeneration of the Qaddafi Compound, Tripoli.

Part 1 Project 2015
Mahmud Tantoush
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
The project is situated in a central part of the capital city of Libya, Tripoli. The Gaddafi compound surrounded by three 4 metre tall walls has taken an important part of the capital segregating the city into two parts and enforcing its presence by shadowing the surrounding neighbourhoods.

The spine of the project, the compound wall, was used as a canvas to illustrate the objection and opinions of the people. This project aims to facilitate the wall to preserve the physical and emotional memory and improve the setting by providing needed public space for the surrounding communities and Tripoli as a whole.

The Gaddafi complex is approximately 6km by 2km and separated into three parts, two war bunkers and a residential complex in between. This project tackles a corner of the residential complex which was chosen due to its close relation to the affected neighbourhood, the project will also be the main entrance into the rest of the compound, which the Libyan government are planning to develop into a public park.

This project attempts to give the power and space back to the people and heal the social fracture, in essence oppressive to expressive.

Mahmud Tantoush


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