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Louth | The Pantry of England. An Extension to a Traditional Town

Part 1 Project 2015
Luke Wells
University of Lincoln Lincoln | UK
The Eunoia Centre, a seed archive, laboratory and exhibition space, works to develop more efficient crops for the agricultural industry; a physical manifestation of a critique formulated from months of observation and interaction with the inhabitants of this rural, award-winning market town, set deep within fertile Lincolnshire, cushioned from the brunt of contemporary life.

It is an alternative response to a proposed supermarket on a large cattle market site, close to the town centre of Louth, which threatened its unique character and independent shops in a bid to move the town forward.

My response builds upon the agricultural strength of the area whilst addressing growing generational divide and an ageing population, culminating in a space which proves that ‘Keeping Louth Special and ‘Moving Louth Forward’ are not mutually exclusive, becoming a beacon both visually and metaphorically.

A considered skin transformed old bones and familiarity was preserved with the retention of ancestral scale and form. It’s white, back-lit skin wraps around an existing portal frame to create an almost religious impression of purity, reflective of the facility’s work, whilst replicating the agricultural weatherboarding the established residents were familiar with and perforated by pockets of planting, denoting public and private spaces.

Luke Wells


Mr Andy Earl

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