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Part 1 Project 2015
Ahmad Ayoub
Beirut Arab University - Debbieh campus | Lebanon
Palestinian nationalists in Burj El Barajneh have defined for themselves a collective identity, which has been reflected on the urban fabric of their Camp having a different composition unique from its surrounding.

The camp's spatial configuration has produced at a first glance a square kilometer of brutal mass, but with further observation, a complex organism designed arbitrarily according to the dwellers' needs and assets. While other refugee camps such as Shatila are arranged in organized grid layouts, Burj el Barajneh has grown organically according to a radial multi-focal pattern with one or several main public spaces organized around a Seha and are at the focal points. This strongly resembles the fabric of Islamic cities and the towns of origin of the refugees.

With time, the camp has grown randomly producing a maze of alleyways and buildings, surrounded by wider roads.

The project deals with this situation as a starting point, where it is directed to provide some needs of this complex community by creating spaces of multi functions serving the camp’s residents.

Therefore, the project tries to respond to the residents’ needs with a simple, pure and spontaneous architecture inspired form the urban fabric and the existing architecture.

Ahmad Ayoub


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