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Securing the future of Katowice- Biotechnology Faculty

Part 2 Project 2015
Ben Twells
Elizabeth Parkinson
University of Plymouth | UK
“Can combining ‘process architecture’ and ‘experiential architecture’ be used to re-connect the profession with culture and in so doing ensure the building is part of the community and identity of the area?”

This project has been designed for the University of Silesia as an alternative proposal for their proposed campus development. The university has a large budget and asked for ambitious, interesting projects that better integrate the campus with the city.

We have used the culture of Katowice as a starting point, using the anthropological definition of culture as ‘things we all share’ in order to assess the identity of the city as a whole. These cultural investigations informed the design which intends to fully integrate the campus, and specifically this building, with the city, through the MicGas Biocoal process and architectural experience.

In order to connect with the city and move it away from conventional coal processing, we have designed the details of the building using inspiration from experiential architecture. With a running theme throughout of subtle interdependency, we hope to connect with and empower the individual user through detail and quality of space and thereby gain a respect for the building that will ensure its survival into the future.

Ben Twells
Elizabeth Parkinson


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