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Beneath London: A new hope for unemployment

Part 1 Project 2015
Raymond Boedi
Newcastle University | UK
Unemployment is rising faster in London than anywhere else in the country. The rate of urban population growth outpaces the suburban’s, as people prefer living in the cities. According to new analysis, chronic housing shortage will cause the houses to rise in prices.

The project is created to generate hope in London city by using the existing infrastructure (A40 London). In the strange liminal land of London’s main western artery, the space in, and around the ribbon of concrete provides remnants of underutilized space. The idea is to maximize these spaces to create working area and accommodation for people who struggle to find a job in London.

In today’s society, people tend to be more money-oriented as it is the currency and the core determinant of people’s standard of living. However, with the current economic situation, finding a job is like finding needle in a haystack. Therefore, the proposed project aims to resurrect primitive idea of survival. In the past, people farm and hunt in exchange for food instead of money. The project explores the possibility of this system by inserting a series of growing stations and Central Living area along the A40 London.

Raymond Boedi


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