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Going Home to the Old House: Regeneration of a Group of Residences in Beicun Village

Part 1 Project 2015
Jiaojiao Ziao
Nanjing University | China
This project explores the pathways toward the revitalisation of a semi-abandoned village on multiple levels, ranging from survey-based research to planning and design to the improvement of comfort level. It investigates carefully into the two aspects of public space and private space to deal with the relationship between the circulation lines. On the premise of keeping the traditional characteristics of local construction, modern construction methods are employed to meet contemporary needs. The proposal introduces new programmes to visualize and communicate local tradition and culture. At the same time, the proposal takes into account the comfort requirements of contemporary people and regenerate the building group to improve its comfort level. It intends to create a feeling of going home for both local people and visitors.
Jiaojiao Ziao


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