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Kunming's Museum of Chinese Gaming Culture

Part 1 Project 2015
Matt Grimshaw
University of Huddersfield | UK
The gaming culture in China is beginning to grow towards an uncontrollable level. The situation in the present day is breaking up family relationships as children seek gaming hours over spending time with family. Education on the subject is needed through all generations in order for the problem to be understood and solved. China is worryingly building ‘military style’ addiction camps, housing children for months to try and overcome the problem.

My aim was to create a museum, where the spatial experience can tell the story. Artists, gamers and specialists can express their feelings of gaming and addiction through installations and exhibitions, allowing elder generations to gain a better understanding.

The site in Kunming is very complex as a central sunken courtyard is surrounded by thriving small shops and restaurants. An entire double height space underground is inhabited with a mix of activities, leading to a multi cultural centre.

The project digs deeper into the underground, where five towers are extruded to peak above ground level. Visitors circulate on a continuous downward route, entering the towers at different levels, to then make their way down to the open plan exhibition space.

Matt Grimshaw

Mr Jon Bush

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